Kina Bank will take over ANZ’s Lae Top Town branch in June, Chief Executive Officer of Kina Bank Greg Pawson announced at a customer function in Lae recently.

The two banks have agreed to exchange branches, with Kina Bank moving into the ground floor of Nasfund Haus and ANZ moving into the existing Kina Bank branch in NSL Haus. The move gives Kina Bank space for its growth plans for Lae. Both branches will undergo renovation before the move takes place.

“As well as our investment in digital services and products, we’re also committed to bricks and mortar branches,” said Mr Pawson. “Moving into a larger space here demonstrates our renewed dedication to the Lae community.”

The plans were revealed at the Lae International Hotel on Tuesday evening. The CEOs of ANZ PNG and Kina Bank met customers to present an update on the progress of Kina Bank’s acquisition of ANZ’s Retail, Commercial and SME business.

As part of the move, Kina Bank has established new network links to give the bank a far more robust and stable network with built in back-ups. Lae customers can expect a dramatic improvement in customer service.
“For now, it is business as usual. ANZ will still service their customers until the acquisition completes in September this year. Even after the transition date, ANZ customers will still be able to use their blue plastic cards. They’ll retain the same account numbers and the same PIN,” said Mr Pawson. “We’re working with ANZ to make the transition as seamless as possible for customers.”

Lae first to benefit from Kina Bank’s acquisition of ANZ PNG