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Key Product Features

Diversified Portfolio

We’ll work with you to develop a diversified portfolio which could include treasury bills, domestic high-yield shares and term deposits. Gain access to investments and strategies that are not always available when going solo!

A Dedicated Team

Your dedicated team will include a personal Relationship Manager, experienced investment professionals and tailored administration support – all from the Kina Bank Wealth Management Team. It’s all hands on deck to help you succeed!

Flexible Management Style

How would you like to manage your portfolio? You can either provide direct instruction and authorisation or have it managed by the Kina Wealth Management team with a pre-determined investment strategy. It’s up to you.

Periodic Investment Reports

We’ll provide periodic investment reports to help you stay updated and informed on the account. This includes a summary outlining the strategy and compliance with a Portfolio Valuation Report, Transactions Report, Income Report and annual review of the Portfolio Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Separately Managed Account?

A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a personalised, full-service management option for a minimum portfolio of PGK500,000.

What are the features of a Separately Managed Account?

A Separately Managed Account includes a diversified portfolio, dedicated team, flexible management style and periodic investment reports.

Where are assets held?

All assets are held under our custodial nominee company, Kina Nominees Limited, in a name of your choosing.

How can I contact with my Wealth Team?

You can contact your advisors on +675 308 3742 or email wealth@kinabank.com.pg

What fees are incurred using this product?

Fees are based on Fund Under Management and Performance fees. Performance Fees depend on the return performance of the portfolio over an agreed threshold and the Fund Under Management Fees depend on the size of the fund. Ask your advisor for more details.

How do you qualify for this product?

You will need to have a minimum portfolio size of PGK500,000.

How can I apply for a Separately Managed Account?

You can contact Kina Bank on +675 308 3742 or email wealth@kinabank.com.pg

Important Information

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