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Key Product Features

Borrowing Amount

A Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan is designed to support you and your business, and that’s why we offer uncapped lending limits. We base lending limits on your ability to meet scheduled repayments and we work with you to identify the right borrowing amount. Our number one priority is to be your leading lending partner.


We understand that running your own business can be hard at times and that’s why we’re here to help. Our repayment terms are set up to be made in easy-to-manage monthly instalments and are set as principal and interest. Allowing you to confidently manage your budget.

Loan Term

While some banks want to lock you into extended terms that make it difficult for you to plan, that’s not the way work. We prefer to guide you along your lending journey and focus on offering you flexible options when it comes to our loans. Our terms range from 1 year through to 5 years.

Interest Rate

Offering competitive and market-leading interest rates is important to us. Our aim is to support you and provide you with a clearly defined rate, that’s why our Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan offers fixed rates at 15% p.a.

What about the fees?

Good question. There are monthly fees associated with our Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan. You will be charged 0.30% p.a of the outstanding loan amount, charged out quarterly.  For all the details, please refer to our Fees and Charges Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply for a Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?

It’s easy!

  1. Simply visit your local Kina Bank branch, complete the Business Loan Application form and submit with 2 forms of primary ID. If you need to discuss your current situation prior to visiting the branch, you can call us on +675 308 3800 or on toll-free 180 1525 and our team will help find the right loan for you.
  2. You can also visit our website https://www.kinabank.com.pg/enquiry-business-loan/ and complete our online enquiry and one of our team will contact you.
What are forms of primary ID?

We classify primary ID as:

  • Passport (for foreign passports include a copy of your PNG work permit with Labour & Industrial Relations letter)
  • Driver’s license
  • Employment ID card with employment confirmation letter
  • Superannuation membership card
  • PNG Government issued photographic License and or Permit
  • National Identity card issued by NID office

*All forms of ID must be valid. Any expired ID won’t meet the ID requirements and as such we won’t be able to accept the ID. If you don’t have 2 forms of Primary ID, please call us on +675 308 3800 or 180 1525.

What are the Equity Requirements?

Equity is based on the motor vehicle purchase price, customers are to provide 20% equity for new vehicles and 30% for used vehicles. 100% finance may be offered to approved clients.

What are the features of a Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?
  • Loans sizes range from PGK20,000 to an uncapped amount
  • Monthly principal and interest repayments
  • Loan term from a minimum 1 year to a maximum of 5 years
  • Interest Rate at 15% per annum fixed rate.
What are the fees and charges attached to the Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?
All of our fees and charges can be found in the Kina Bank Fees Schedule, see it here.
What is the repayment structure of the Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?

The repayment structure is principal and interest.

Do I need to be a Kina Bank customer to apply for a Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?

To apply for a Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan you need to be an existing Kina Bank customer, if you’re not an existing customer you’ll need open a new account before applying for the Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan.

Can I set up a redraw facility with my Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?

Yes, but advance payments can only be redrawn for payment of the annual insurance renewal premium, where applicable.

Are there monthly account fees when I take out a Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?

Yes, you will be charged 0.30% p.a. of the Outstanding Loan Balance, charged quarterly (Minimum charge K75 per quarter).

What other Eligibly Requirements do I need to meet to qualify for a Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?
  • Provide current financial statements
  • You must have a clear CDB or provide genuine reasons if not clear
  • Provide quote for Chattel/s you are requesting funding for
  • Ensure adequate insurance cover over the asset
  • Evidence of security through mortgage or fixed term deposits. General and Specific Security Deeds will need to be provided if required.
I need more information. Who can I speak with about the Kina Chattel Mortgage Loan?

You can call us on 308 3800 or 180 1525 and our friendly team will help you get the information you need and put you in touch with a Business Advisor.

Important Information

Fees and limits schedule

Application Form

Still have questions?

Call Toll Free on 180 1525 or +675 308 3800

Or email us on kina@kinabank.com.pg