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Market-Leading Rates

Our 3-year, fixed 5.47% interest rate is not only the market leading rate, but the lowest ever in PNG! Rest easy knowing you’re saving heaps compared to loans from those other banks.

3-year Fixed Rate

A PNG first – our fixed rate for the first three years makes budgeting easy, so you can plan for the future while paying off your new home. We’ve made this optional so you can choose the loan that suits you.

Prime Relationship Advisor

Need some advice? Your dedicated personal Prime Relationship Advisor can help you create a personal strategy for building your wealth. Catch-up at least 2-3 times a year for advice on investments, fund management, foreign exchange or just where to find the best coffee!

Fee-free Prime Visa Debit Card

We’re breaking boundaries with the new zero-fee Kina Prime Visa Debit Card. It’s another PNG first and comes with no annual or monthly fees for the first three years. It pays to be prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kina Prime?

A Kina Prime is a home loan product that allows customers to save money with the lowest 3-year fixed rate on the market. A Kina Prime home loan can help you buy your first home or upsize to a larger one. You’ll also get a dedicated personal Prime Relationship Advisor to give you tailored advice as well as a Kina Prime Visa Debit Card that’s fee free for the first three years.

How do I open a Kina Prime Account?

You will need to have a current home loan with Kina Bank and a 10% deposit on your residential property to open a Kina Prime Account. You can apply by visiting your nearest Kina Bank branch or call our contact centre on +675 308 3800 or 1 801 525.

How can I get a 10% deposit together?

There are three ways that you can secure a 10% deposit.

1. Have cash savings in your bank account.
2. Access your housing eligibility funds via your superfund.
3. Raise finance on an unencumbered property to purchase another one. An unencumbered property is where you own a property outright with no mortgage or loans secured against it so it is debt free and must be on state lease title.

What are the features of the Prime Account?

The features of a Prime Account include:

  • A fee-free Visa Debit Card.
  • A historically low 5.47% 3-year fixed interest rate.
  • A dedicated personal Prime Relationship Advisor.
What if I don’t want a fixed home loan rate?

You can still be Kina Prime. The fixed rate is optional and easily substituted by our competitive standard home loan rate.

How can I find out who my Relationship Advisor is?

To connect with your Prime Relationship Advisor call our help desk on +675 308 3800 or 180 1525 (Toll Free Number).

What are the fees and charges attached to the Kina Prime Account?

All of our fees and charges can be found in the Kina Bank Fees Schedule, click here to access.

If I am an existing Kina Bank customer, am I able to open a Kina Prime Account?

Yes, but you must have an existing home loan to open a Kina Prime Account.

Do I automatically receive a Kina Prime Visa Debit Card with the Prime Account?

Yes, the Kina Prime Account comes with a zero-fee Prime Visa Debit Card with no annual or monthly fees for the first three years. It is accepted online and at retailers around the world.

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