Unlock opportunity.

We help our customers shape their future, and take their dreams to the next level.

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Take control of your financial future.

We give our customers the ability to save, manage, borrow and invest the money they need to take control of their financial situation and shape their future.

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With you at every life stage.

We walk beside our customers and their families through every life stage, offering choices and opportunities along the journey.

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together it’s possible

We help our customers build the life they choose – for themselves and their families.

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We know Papua New Guinea.

We’ve seen Papua New Guinea grow and with it the prosperity of its people who everyday expect more from life.

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Online banking



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Welcome ANZ
PNG Customers


Message from the CEO

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Did You Know

ANZ Boroko and Jacksons branches
are becoming Kina Bank branches

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Banking Simple

Kina Bank account numbers
will change
to become 8 digits
long – the last 8 digits of your
current account number.

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Dreaming of
owning your own home?

6.95% Competitive Interest Rate
10% Minimum Deposit Required
30 Years Maximum Loan Term

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