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Key Product Features
Sole Traders & Partnerships

Designed and built to support local SMEs, the Kina Business Account is open to sole traders as well as partnerships and companies that are licensed to operate in Papua New Guinea.

No Monthly Fees

Unlike other business accounts around PNG that charge a monthly fee for this type of account, you won’t find that fee here. The Kina Business Account helps grow your business by removing unwanted fees.
Digital Banking
When you open a Kina Business Account, you get instant access to Kina Bank’s digital products, allowing you to bank whenever, wherever, 24/7. Enjoy instant access to your business accounts via Kina Online Banking, Kina Konnect and our Kina Banking App.
Kina Venture Debit Card
When you open your Kina Business Account, eligible business types will also receive a Kina Venture Debit Card. With your Kina Venture Debit Card, you can enjoy the flexibility of making payments online or over the phone. You can also “tap to pay” on EFTPOS machines here in PNG and overseas because you’ll have access to the global Visa network! Eligible business types include sole traders as well as partnerships.
What About The Fees?
Good question. Consistent with similar accounts, there is a minimal, per-transaction fee when you use this account for non-EFTPOS transactions like transfers, accessing account statements, making in-branch withdrawals and bill paying.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Kina Business Account?
The Kina Business Account is an account designed for sole traders, partnerships and companies that are licensed to trade in PNG. The Kina Business Account acts as an everyday business transaction account for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Who is eligible for the Kina Business Account?

The Kina Business Account has been designed for sole traders, partnerships and companies that are licensed to trade in PNG. If you don’t fall within one of these three categories, you’re not eligible to apply.

What is the difference between a sole trader, a partnership and a company?
  • Sole Trader – An individual trading under a business name. A sole trader is self-employed, and owns and runs their own business. The individual is legally responsible for all aspects of the business, including debts and losses.
  • Partnership – When two or more people/individuals have an arrangement to own the business and work together to offer goods or services to their clients. They share business profits and losses. Sole proprietors can turn their businesses into partnerships. Partners also can form a limited liability company.
  • Company – A legal entity, which can be a commercial or industrial enterprise, formed by a group of individuals to engage and operate a business. This can be sole proprietorship, partnership or a company.
I currently have a Kina Cheque Account. Am I able to switch to the Kina Business Account?

Yes, you can simply transition your current Kina Cheque Account across to the new Kina Business Account. Visit a Kina Bank branch and our friendly staff will be able to assist. The other option is to open a separate Kina Business Account while keeping your Kina Cheque Account active.

What are the benefits of having a Kina Business Account?
  • Transactional account with no monthly fees
  • No minimum account deposit
  • Kina Venture Debit Card (Conditions apply)
  • Access to ATMs
  • Access to EFTPOS
  • Access to Online Banking: Corporate/Retail Internet Banking
  • Digital services and valued-added partnerships: Xero and IPG
  • Access to our SME Loan product with a low interest of 4% p.a.
What are forms of primary ID?

When applying for a new account you will need to have 2 forms of primary ID. We classify primary ID as:

    • Passport (foreign passport must include a copy of your entry permit)
    • Driver’s licence
    • Employment ID card with employment confirmation letter
    • Current student ID and confirmation letter from your tertiary provider
    • Superannuation membership card
    • PNG work permit with Labour & Industrial Relations letter
    • PNG Government issued photographic licence and or permit
    • National Identity Card issued by NID office

*All forms of ID must be valid. Any expired ID won’t meet the ID requirements and, as such, we won’t be able to accept the ID. If you don’t have 2 forms of Primary ID, please call us on 308 3800 or 180 1525.

What are the fees and charges attached to the Kina Business Account?

All of our fees and charges can be found in the Kina Bank Fees Schedule, click here to access.

Once I open a Kina Business Account how do I get the Kina Venture Debit Card?

A sole trader or individuals in a partnership can request a Kina Venture Debit Card where the account mandate is One-To-Sign or Either-To-Sign.

Is my Kina Business Account a transaction or savings account?

The Kina Business Account is a business transaction account. This means you can use it for your everyday business banking needs. The account has been designed for everyday use.

Am I eligible to apply for a cheque book with my Kina Business Account?

The Kina Business Account does not come with a cheque book. Any requests for a cheque book should be sent to the bank for review.

Important Information

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