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Key Product Features

Custody Services

We’ll ease the administrative burden of holding and trading shares and other assets by doing it for you.

Security Services

We can provide you with a single security trust specifically for use in syndicated finance or other transactions where security is held on trust. Trust us – we’ll get it sorted!

Nominee Services

What are Nominee Services? Good question. They’re a bare trust in which assets are held for someone else (beneficiaries) who have absolute right to both the capital and income of the trust. The property is held in the name of the trustee, but the trustee has no discretion over the assets held in trust.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Trusts?

Trusts exist for investment and business reasons. They are a legal agreement to hold property, cash or another investment for the benefit of someone else (beneficiaries). Trusts are treated as taxpayer entities for the purposes of tax administration.

What are Trustees?

The trustee is responsible for managing the trust’s tax affairs, including registering the trust in the system, lodging trust tax returns and paying some liabilities.

What are the fees incurred using this product?

You can find this out upon application – fees are typically based on a percentage of assets under management.

How do you qualify for this product?

Find out by contacting our advisors on +675 308 3742 or email wealth@kinabank.com.pg

Important Information

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