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Key Product Features

Peace of mind

Kina Internet Payment Gateway ensures safe and efficient transactions, making the process between customer and vendor seamless.

Ease of use for customers

Customers can easily browse online and pay for services without leaving their homes.

Cashless and secure

No cash exchanged and your customers won’t have to carrying large amounts of cash with them. You also have less physical cash to deal with.

Always open

Because it’s a web-based portal, you and your customers can access it anytime. Which means you can make sales anytime!

Get notified

Once payment is approved and processed, you’ll get an email notification for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Kina Internet Payment Gateway?

The Kina Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) is our e-commerce platform that provides a cashless, convenient and more secure way of paying for goods and services through your website or app.

How do I start using Kina Internet Payment Gateway for my business?

You must be an existing or new Kina Bank customers to get IPG for your business. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Complete the Payment Portal application form at a Kina Bank branch
  2. Have the Branch verify the form
  3. It will be sent to our Digital Hub to process
  4. You will be notified via email of credentials
  5. The Digital Hub will confirm back to Branch that registration is completed
  6. The Kina Bank branch will confirm everything is ready to go with you.
How do I know if my business qualifies to have a Kina Internet Payment Gateway?

You need to be an existing or new Kina Bank SME, Business or Corporate customer. As in-branch or call us on +675 308 3800 or 180 1525 for more details.

What are the features of the Kina Internet Payment Gateway?
  • Web-based portal to access anywhere anytime
  • Upload salary/supplier payment file generated from accounting/payroll system
  • User-based access which allows for submitter and approver profile setup
  • Dual approval setup available
  • Email notification once payment file is submitted; approved and processed
What are the fees and charges attached Kina EFTPOS?

There is a small PGK0.50 fee per transaction processed.

Important Information

Still have questions?

Call Toll Free on 180 1525 or +675 308 3800

Or email us on kina@kinabank.com.pg

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