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Key Product Features


To access Kina Protect Home Insurance, you must be a Kina Prime customer.


Insurance options include home, contents, valuables, liability to others and domestic workers compensation.

How Long Am I Covered?

Insurance period is annual and renewal quotations are issued two months prior to policy expiry date.

Making A Claim

All claim matters will be handled by Alpha Insurance. If you have sustained loss or damage that you think may be covered by your insurance policy, you should notify Alpha Insurance immediately.
What About Other Fees?

Fees and charges are subject to change if the value of the property is amended and insurer is notified accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Kina Protect Home Insurance?

It is an insurance policy underwritten and issued by Alpha Insurance Limited and offered by Kina Bank to all Kina Bank home loan customers to cover their property against loss or damage caused by an insured peril.

Who is Alpha Insurance?

Established in Port Moresby in 1976, the business originally operated as a branch of American Home Assurance (USA). In June 2013, the business incorporated locally and began operations as AIG PNG Limited. In 2016, the business was taken over in a management buy-out. AIG PNG Limited subsequently changed its name to Alpha Insurance Limited. As well as being a proudly independent Papua New Guinean Insurer, Alpha Insurance now operate as a Network Partner for AIG and various other multi-national global insurers.

What is an Insured Peril?

The policy provides insurance for Loss or Damage occurring as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, burglary and housebreaking, plus other perils as per the policy wording.

How do I get a copy of the Policy Schedule & Wording?
To get a copy of our Policy Schedule & Wording please contact your Prime Relationship Advisor who will be able to assist.
How can I apply for Kina Protect Home Insurance?

All home loan customers will be offered this policy when they apply for a home loan. Our Prime Relationship Managers will be able to assist you with insurance related queries.

How do I know if my home is Insured?

Our Insurer, Alpha Insurance will issue a Certificate of Currency and send it directly to a nominated email address, when you pay for your insurance. Alternatively, you can collect your Certificate of Currency from the Alpha Insurance Customer Service Centre, located within the Waterfront Shopping Plaza in Port Moresby.

For how long must I keep my Home Insured?

The Kina Protect Home Insurance policy period is 12 months, from the date the cover first starts. The Policy falls due for renewal every year on that same date and insurance must be maintained for the entire term of the loan.

How do I pay for my insurance as an existing customer?

You will receive the insurance renewal notice from Alpha Insurance two months prior to the policy expiry date. You can call into the Alpha Insurance Customer Service Centre at Harbour City to pay your renewal premium or contact a Prime Relationship manager at Kina Bank and make arrangements to settle your renewal premium. Payment is required prior to the expiry (due) date of your Policy.

What if I have my home insurance covered by another insurance company?

This is acceptable provided that you have your Insurer’s certificate of currency on hand to confirm your property is insured, and the Insurer must be one that is licensed by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner of PNG, and MUST be an insurer approved by Kina Bank. We may contact your insurer to validate the COC.

How much is the Insurance premium/ fee?

The insurance premium is confirmed by the insurer subject to satisfactory completion of the Kina Protect Proposal Form. Download our Kina Protect Home Protection form.

When do I receive my policy wording?

You will receive your Kina Protect Home Insurance Policy document shortly after you purchase your insurance for the first time. If for some reason you do not have the policy, you can contact Alpha Insurance and request them to provide a copy to you. The insurer will only provide an updated policy document if it has been amended. Email kinaprotect@alphainsurancepng.com

How can I make an insurance claim?

All claim matters will be handled by Alpha Insurance. If you have sustained loss or damage that you think may be covered by your insurance policy, you should notify Alpha Insurance immediately. Alpha Insurance will also provide you with a Claim Form, which you must complete and submit to them as soon as possible after the loss or damage. If you require assistance with this, please call and speak to Alpha Insurance or visit one of their offices. Download our Kina Protect Claim Form. Email kinaprotect@alphainsurancepng.com.

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Still have questions?

Call Toll Free on 180 1525 or +675 308 3800 Or email us on kinaprotect@alphainsurancepng.com

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