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Key Product Features


This is normally where most transaction accounts really get you with fees on every EFTPOS transaction you make. It can add up pretty quickly. But we’ve packed EFTPOS fees up and hauled them away.

No Monthly Account Fees

While other everyday accounts in PNG charge a monthly fee for this type of account, we’ve removed them in order to make banking more accessible for everyone.

Set Up Balance

We want this account to be accessible for all Papua New Guineans, whether you’ve been banking for years or this is the first account you’ve ever opened. That’s why we’ve set the minimum opening balance at just PGK10.

Kina Visa Debit

When you open a Kina Everyday Account, you also become eligible for a linked Kina Visa Debit Card, simply visit your local branch, join the express lane and receive your instant issued Kina Visa Debit Card. It’s that easy!

What About The Fees?

Good question. Consistent with similar accounts, there is a minimal, per-transaction fee when you use this account for non-EFTPOS transactions like transfers, accessing account statements, making in branch withdrawals and bill paying.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Kina Everyday Account?
The Kina Everyday Account is a “Pay-As-You-Go” product for customers who conduct transactions on a daily basis. It gives you easy access to your money, comes with a Kina Handy Card and gives you access to Kina Konnect and Internet Banking. The Kina Everyday account also comes with a Visa Debit Card as an optional way to transact if you need to shop online or when you’re overseas.
How do I open the Kina Everyday Account?

Visit your local Kina Bank branch and complete the account opening form. You will need to have 2 forms of primary identification and have enough funds to meet the minimum account opening balance of PGK10.

What are forms of primary ID?

When applying for a new account you will need to have 2 forms of primary ID. We classify primary ID as:

  • Passport (foreign passport must include a copy of your entry permit)
  • Driver’s licence
  • Employment ID card with employment confirmation letter
  • Current student ID and confirmation letter from your tertiary provider
  • Superannuation membership card
  • PNG work permit with Labour & Industrial Relations letter
  • PNG Government issued photographic Licence and or Permit
  • National Identity card issued by NID office

*All forms of ID must be valid. Any expired ID won’t meet the ID requirements and as such we won’t be able to accept the ID. If you don’t have 2 forms of Primary ID please call us on +675 308 3800 or 180 1525.

What are the features of the Kina Everyday Account?
  • No fees on EFTPOS transactions
  • No monthly account fees
  • Low opening balance of just PGK10
  • Instant access to Kina Konnect and Internet Banking
What are the fees and charges attached to the Kina Everyday Account?

All of our fees and charges can be found in the Kina Bank Fees Schedule, click here to access.

If I am an existing Kina Bank customer, am I eligible to open a Kina Everyday Account?

Yes. You will still need to visit your local branch and complete the account-opening form and have sufficient funds to meet the minimum opening account balance of PGK10.

Do I receive a KinaCard with my new Kina Everyday Account?

Yes. In addition, you are also eligible to apply for a Kina Debit Card, subject to meeting the requirements of the application process.

Is my Kina Everyday Account a transaction or savings account?

The Kina Everyday Account is a Transaction Account for you to manage your day-to-day banking.

Am I eligible to apply for a cheque book with my Kina Everyday Account?

No. The Kina Everyday Account does not come with a cheque book and we do not issue cheque books if requested for this account.

If I need to withdraw an amount greater than PGK 20,000, how can I do this?
We advise our customers to ring 24 hours ahead before attempting to make the withdrawal. This will save you time and allows our team members to prepare the appropriate funds. For branch contact details and locations please refer to our branch page on our website. Our staff will assist with the withdrawal to ensure your funds are kept safe. We ask our customers to: – Identify the purpose of the funds and advise why you’re making the withdrawal, confirmation on who you are paying and for what reason – Ensure the appropriate signatory on the account is withdrawing the funds – If the person withdrawing the funds is a third-party to the account holder, our staff will require appropriate ID from the person making the withdrawal and authority from the account holder or holders that the third-party representative can act on their behalf. This can be given in the form of a letter confirming the withdrawal, this must be signed by the account holder. Our staff will review the signature and also contact the account holder to confirm that this is in fact an authorised withdrawal.
How do you help customers with larger deposits?

This varies depending on the nature of the deposit and we would advise you to:

– Always ring ahead to inform the branch the deposit amount and the reason why the deposit is being made. This will save time and ensure you are bringing the right documentation.

– Identify the purpose of the deposit. There are different documents required for various transactions. As an example, for the sale of a car we would require a transfer of ownership document, registration of the vehicle and the sale contract.

– If a deposit is being made on behalf of a company, please provide the necessary sale of goods proof of documentation.

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