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Key Product Features

Link Your Accounts

The Single View platform allows you to link your superannuation funds directly to your Kina Personal Online Banking profile, no matter if you’re with NASFUND, CTSL, or NSL, you can add it to your Kina Personal Online Banking profile today.

Track Your Progress

Single View will allow you to track up to 6 months’ worth of contributions that have been paid into your nominated fund. Keeping on top of your savings has never been easier.

Access to Statements

With Single View, you can see your transactions and then download your statements with a click of a button.

Digital Activation

It’s quick and easy to link your superannuation to your personal online banking, simply log into Kina Personal Online Banking. Follow the prompts and then link your accounts with a click of a button. Please see the user guide that sets out how to set up Single View.

No Fees

Single View is designed to set you up for financial success. The platform is a value-added finance tool that helps you plan for the future; all with no added fees.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Kina Bank Single View?

Single View is an added service for superfund clients who are Kina Bank customers. Single View enables our personal banking customers the option to link their superannuation account to their personal internet-banking platform. This provides our customers with a full view of their financial position.

How do I activate Kina Bank Single View?

To activate Kina Bank Single View, please follow the steps in the user guide.

What happens if I disable my NASFUND, CTSL, or NSL online password while attempting to link my account on Internet Banking?

You can reset your password using the Forgotten Password option on the member online portal for each trustee.

What mobile number do I use to link my NASFUND, CTSL, or NSL account to my Kina Internet Banking?

The mobile number you registered with on the membership portal of your superannuation fund

What if I forget my mobile number for NASFUND, CTSL, or NSL online access?

You will need to update your mobile number. This can be done by completing a member detail update form from your relevant fund and have it endorsed by your employer before sending it through your superannuation fund.

Can I change my NASFUND, CTSL, or NSL account details using the Kina Internet Banking?

You will not be able to do changes to your superannuation accounts on Single View. This feature only allows you to view your balance.

How many months’ worth of superannuation contributions can I view on my Kina Internet Banking?

You can view your superannuation contributions and transaction history for up to 6 months. (e.g. 31/6/2018 – 31/12/2018).

If I have multiple superannuation accounts in a fund, can I link them all on Kina Internet Banking?

No, you can only link one account. Otherwise, you can have your accounts merged into one superannuation account before linking. Please check with your respective super fund on how to go about merging your superannuation accounts.

Am I able to delink my superannuation account on Single View?

Yes – You are able to delink your account.

Will there be any fees or charges?

No – There are no fees or charges for this service.

If I have a joint bank account can I link my spouse’s superannuation as well?

No, you can only link one superannuation to your joint bank account.

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User Guide

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