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Key Product Features

Tailored Payments

Kina Insurance Premium Funding is designed to suit your business cash flow and work with you. Enjoy the option of rolling all your insurance premiums into one easy-to-manage contract for an agreed period.

Fixed Interest

Security is everything in business. That’s why our Kina Insurance Premium Funding offers fixed interest charges for the term of the contract, starting at 10% p.a. Protecting you against rate raises and allowing you to manage your business expenses like a pro.


When you set up your Kina Insurance Premium Funding you can have the peace of mind of knowing all interest charges are tax deductible.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts will be on hand to support and guide you through every step of the process. Allowing you to make the most of your business capital and focus on what’s important, the growth of your business.

What about the fees?

Good question. Consistent with our other business banking solutions there are fees that apply to our Kina Insurance Premium Funding. To support you, we offer a fixed rate allowing you to keep on top of your monthly repayments.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Kina Bank Insurance Premium Funding?

A short-term loan that offers customer ease on business cash flow by funding your annual insurance premium thus providing insurance protection over your assets. Available to Kina Bank customers under SME, Commercial and Corporate segments. It offers customers flexibility in paying monthly instalments.

What are the features of the Kina Bank Insurance Premium Funding?
  • Flexible monthly repayments.
  • Market leading interest rates, starting at 10% p.a. fixed rate.
  • Maximum repayment term of 10 months.
How do I qualify for Kina Bank Insurance Premium Funding?
  • You must be an operating registered company for a minimum of two years
  • Should have a minimum annual turnover of PGK5,000,000
  • Must have an existing Kina Bank company account
  • Must have clear CDB record
What do I need to provide when applying for Insurance Premium Funding?
  • Provide a 12-month cash flow projection
  • Provide business registration IPA certification
  • Provide annual tax returns from the last two or three years and current financial statements (Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet)
  • Show proof that your company has been operating for a minimum of two years
  • 2 forms of valid ID
What forms of primary ID are accepted?
  • Passport (foreign passport must include a copy of your entry permit)
  • Driver’s license
  • Employment ID card with an employment confirmation letter
  • Superannuation membership card
  • PNG work permit with Labor & Industrial Relations letter
  • PNG Government issued photographic License and or Permit
  • National Identity card issued by NID office

*All forms of ID must be valid. Any expired ID won’t meet the ID requirements and as such we won’t be able to accept the ID. If you don’t have 2 forms of primary ID please call us on 308 3800 or 180 1525.

If I am an existing Kina Bank customer, am I eligible to apply for Kina Bank Insurance Premium Funding?

Yes, the normal application process and security requirements will apply. Your existing Kina Bank accounts and loans will provide supporting information in reviewing your eligibility.

What are the fees and charges attached to the Kina Bank Insurance Premium Funding?
For the full breakdown of fees and charges please refer to our schedule on the website.
How do I apply for Kina Bank Insurance Premium Funding?
Important Information

Fees and limits schedule

Application Form

Still have questions?

Call Toll Free on 180 1525 or +675 308 3800

Or email us on kina@kinabank.com.pg