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Key Product Features

Papua New Guinean Shares

Buy and sell equity securities on the domestic stock market (PNGX). Whatever your experience, we can help you start trading today.

International Shares

Buy and sell equity securities on the international markets (ASX & International). We’ll give you access to AUD (Australian dollar) foreign exchange at amounts determined at our discretion and subject to your ability to purchase FX. Our job is to help you make smart investments. 

Transactional Money Market Broking Services

Count on us to make sense of your Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and Government Inscribed Stock (GIS).

Frequently Asked Questions
What are equity securities?

Equity securities are financial assets that represent shares of a company. They are also referred to as stocks or shares. If you own an equity security, your share represents part ownership of that company.

What is the benefit of trading shares?

Buying and selling shares helps you increase your wealth – as the value of that company increases, your share price increases. Stocks can be an important part of your investment portfolio.

Are there special requirements for trading international shares?

You will be required to provide your Tax Clearance Certificate and meet standard KYC/AML process as well as any other requirement determined by Kina Bank.

How much money do I need to buy and sell shares?
  1. Trade Equity Securities on the Domestic Market (PNGX): Min deposit K2,200
  2. Trade Equity Securities on the International Markets (ASX & International): Min deposit AUD2,200
  3. Transactional Money Market Broking Services: Min deposit K101,000
What fees are incurred by using this product?

Refer to the below for Trade Equity Securities fees on the Domestic Market (PNGX)

Consideration up to K8,000.00 K200.00 Minimum
K 8,001.00 to K20,000.00 K2.5%
K20,001.00 to K50,000.00 K2.0%
K50,001.00 to K100,000.00 K1.5%
Over K100,000.00 On application

Refer to the below for Trade Equity Securities fees on the International Markets (ASX & International)

Consideration up to $3,600.00 $90.00 Minimum
$ 3,601.00 to $20,000.00 2.5%
$20,001.00 to $50,000.00 2.0%
$50,001.00 to $100,000.00 1.5%
Over $100,000.00 On application

Transactional Money Market Broking Services are typically 1% of the face value for minimum parcel size of K100,000. This is negotiable on application for larger parcels.

How do I qualify and apply for this product?
  1. Fill out our standard Client Agreement Application Form in branch to establish a trading account with Kina Wealth Management & Stockbroking.
  2. Fill out our Identification Checklist
  3. Provide 100 points of Identification for KYC/AML verifications. Learn more about the points system here: (URL)
  4. TO BUY: Fund your trading account and provide you advisor remittance advice:

Bank:                    Kina Bank

Name:                  Kina Securities Limited Acc

BSB:                      028 111

Account:              6023 0107

  1. TO SELL: Complete an Order Advise Form (Stock name, quantity and stock price) and contact your advisor.
How do I apply to use Kina Bank Broking Services?

You can call Kina Bank on +675 308 3742, email wealth@kinabank.com.pg or visit us at your nearest branch.

Important Information

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