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What is Phishing? 

Phishing is a scam where hackers ‘fish’ for your personal or account information by using emails claiming to be from your Bank. Unfortunately, these phishing emails and scams are on the increase. These emails may appear genuine, so please be aware! 

To protect yourself always remember that Kina Bank will never ask for your personal details or account information via emails, text message, WhatsApp links or telephone. If you suspect you have received a phishing email, please alert us straight away.

Here’s how to help protect yourself online.

Does something seem not quite right? If you’re unsure about an online post you’ve seen or an email you’ve received, follow our three simple steps, we call them “The 3 R’s of Online Safety”.

Step 1: Reflect – consider if the post or email content seems genuine. Does this person or company feel legitimate? Kina Bank will NEVER ask for payments via social media platforms like Facebook or via WhatsApp Messenger or email.

Step 2: Research – if you are unsure, do a quick Google search on the person or company and look for reviews, complaints or other information. Very often, you’re not the only one with a concern. If you’re unsure about an online payment involving a Kina Bank account, call us immediately on +675 308 3800.

Step 3: Reach out – Talk to someone you trust and see what they think. You can also contact us on +675 308 3800 (toll free 180 1525) or kina@kinabank.com.pg if you are concerned about your Kina Bank account or online payment. 

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