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Kina Staff Donate to Meri Seif Haus

21 July 2017

The staff of Kina Securities Limited today presented a cheque of over K1,500 to the City Mission Haus Ruth in Port Moresby. The funds were raised through sale of raffle tickets.

Mr Chetan Chopra, Kina’s acting CEO when presenting the cheque said our staff are very proud of the money they have raised to be used to support Meri Seif Haus in such a practical way.

“It is Kina’s vision to help our communities and we encourage and support our staff to make a difference in the communities they work and live in.”

“Kina looks forward to supporting community initiatives involving women and children,” said Mr Chopra. ‘We put our community at the centre of everything we do, our community is important to us.”

Ms Karen Griffin, City Mission Haus Ruth Assistant Child Counsellor thanked the staff at Kina and said the funds will be used on clients for their repatriation back to their home provinces because most clients that visit Meri Seif Haus do not have relatives who are able to provide the assistance.

“Funds will also be used for clients’ medical expenses,” added Ms Griffin.

City Mission saw the need to expand its operations to a new area in the city to cater for women and children and in 2001 the Mission purchased a rundown 2-storey building at Ela Beach. The building opened its doors in April 2003 after extensive refurbishment work.

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