Insurance Premium Funding

Free-up your capital to unlock greater potential in your business.

Kina offers flexible payment options for insurance premiums, including the option to pay for insurance as you use it, so more of your business capital is available for operational and investment opportunities.

Payments tailored to your cash flow

With Kina Insurance Premium Funding you can roll all of your insurance premiums into one contract for an agreed period with equal, regular payments designed to suit your cash flow.


Interest charges are fixed for the term of the contract, protecting you against interest rate fluctuations. Interest charges are also fully tax deductible.

Expert advice

Kina gives you access to expert counsel from some of the Pacific Rim’s leading premium finance specialists so you can make the most of your business capital to unlock potential.


Our funding option covers most types of commercial insurance:

  • Industrial special risk
  • Public liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle
  • Professional indemnity.

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