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Foreign currency notes

If you are travelling overseas, Kina can sell you a small supply of most major foreign currencies to help you cover incidentals on arrival. We can also buy from you any unrequired foreign currency on your return.

International payment and receipts

We can facilitate your overseas payments and receipts via Telegraphic Transfer.

Forward Exchange

Subject to BPNG approval, we can facilitate forward purchase or sale of foreign currency for your imports or exports.

Foreign Currency accounts and deposits

Subject to BPNG approval, we can facilitate a foreign currency account or deposits if required for your business.

Clean Collections

Have an overseas cheque that needs banking? We can send it overseas and collect your funds for you.

Documentary collections

Have your suppliers’ bank send your import documents to us for efficient handling and processing.

Document credits – import and export

We can advise on export letters of credit and issue import letters of credit if required, subject to credit approval.