As part of its commitment to supporting the community, Kina Bank will sponsor the 2019 Golf Pro Am for the third year in a row. The annual event brings amateur and professional golfers together in a competitive tournament.

RE/MAX World and three-time Australian long drive champion Mark Bylsma joins the Kina Bank team. Bylsma stands 196 centimetres, weighs 160 kilograms and bench-presses 180 kilograms. And when he hits a golf ball, it stays hit. “There’re always guys out there who crush the ball, but the rule of thumb is speed times mass,” said Bylsma, the Australian record holder at 401.1m.

In fact, he can hit the ball harder than pretty much anyone. Tiger Woods is one of the longest hitters off the tee in pro golf, courtesy of a swing speed of up to 204 km/h — about 39 km/h behind Bylsma’s. “Tiger hits it about 300 metres — he’s about a football field behind me,” Bylsma said.

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