Kina Bank shows commitment to PNG women in leadership with new executive appointments

Lesieli Taviri. New Executive General Manager, Banking

Kina Bank’s CEO announced new appointments to the bank’s executive team today showing its commitment to PNG women in leadership.

Two new roles, created to drive the bank’s growth agenda, will see Lesieli Taviri, former CEO of Origin Energy, take on the position of Executive General Manager, Banking; and Asi Nauna, an internal candidate, promoted to Executive General Manager, Lending.

The roles are critical to the success of the business and will ensure the bank delivers on its longer-term ambitions, outperform its competitors and exceed market expectations. The appointment of the two female leaders adds significant strength to the executive team and they will report to the Chief Executive Officer.

“Having more women on our executive team is really important to us as a business”


Asi Nauna, New Executive General Manager, Lending.

Mr Pawson, Kina Bank’s CEO and Managing Director, when making the announcement said: “Having more women on our executive team is really important to us as a business – it provides diversity of thought, a greater range of perspectives, more ideas, and ultimately leads to better decision making. Our business will benefit tremendously from the strength and capability of Lesieli and Asi. “We also want to be the best employer in PNG and this kind of achievement will only come when you remove potentially ingrained inequalities and counter unconscious bias. Our ambitious growth plans for the next five years will see our business continue to transform. We’ve made huge progress on this already, the success of which we’ve seen in our half-year results. Now, with two new female leaders, we will be able to help transform how business is done in PNG.”

Ms Taviri is one of PNG’s most highly regarded executive leaders. She holds a number of high-profile board roles including the Chair of the Business Coalition for Women. Ms Nauna has an established track record as a senior leader at Kina Bank for the last two years, prior to which she held the position of Associate Director Institutional Banking at ANZ.