Kina Bank partnership with NiuPay

Kina Bank and NiuPay were delighted to announce a digital partnership between the two companies which will deliver a highly anticipated digital payment option to the PNG market. The launch was held at Kina Bank Haus on Tuesday 28th July.

Kina Bank Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson said, “Kina Bank has long been committed to the digital future of PNG and therefore we believe that developing e-commerce is crucial to the long-term success of the country. To power this commitment, Kina Bank has partnered with a groundbreaking local fintech company NiuPay.”

NiuPay is the first PNG-based organisation to offer true end-to-end, online, financial technology solutions to government, state-owned enterprises and business. Their applications and infrastructure have been specifically developed to address the unique challenges and complexities of the PNG digital landscape, with a focus on cashless revenue-collection and secure, cloud-based data processing.

PNG’s recent and ongoing experience with the COVID-19 virus, whilst tracking well ahead of the rest of the world, only further highlights the urgency of helping government & businesses move towards cashless revenue collection.

When asked about the partnership, Director of NiuPay James Inglis said that “It made sense for NiuPay to partner with Kina Bank as our visions align beyond our product offering. As a disrupter in this space, Kina Bank is agile, responsive to the needs of the market and a leader in the digital banking space. It is these shared values that will enable us to grow together and reshape the payment experience in PNG.”

Both Kina Bank and NiuPay believe that this digital collaboration will transform the way payments are conducted online in PNG. This will be achieved by simplifying the process for all businesses, big and small, of adopting online payments. This new and exciting partnership will ensure customers have a faster, easier, and more secure way to pay for products and services while providing the whole of PNG with a user-friendly digital ecosystem that benefits every citizen.

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