School leavers now have the help they need to find work experience and prepare for employment thanks to Kina Bank’s new community initiative that was launched on Saturday.

Project Wok is an education program that provides face to face training sessions, individual coaching and support, and participation in a work experience scheme – and it’s completely free of charge. The program offers students training on subjects like writing a compelling resume, job search strategies and how to prepare for an interview. Students are also paired with a coach and mentor from Kina Bank’s high-flying staff so that they have dedicated one on one support and someone they can call on for advice and assistance.

Project Wok is part of Kina Bank’s strategy to help PNG build the workforce of the future and is delivered in partnership with Project Yumi, a not-for-profit PNG registered charity. Kina Bank’s purpose is to do good for the communities they serve and Project Wok will help to address youth unemployment, a major social issue facing Papua New Guinea.

The partnership between Kina Bank and Project Yumi is aimed at ensuring students have the right skills and experience to build successful careers. Initially in its pilot phase, Project Wok is available to the children of Kina Bank staff who are currently studying in grade 10, 11 or 12 or attained grade 10, 11 or 12 through a recognised school or college in 2017. The program will be launched across schools in Port Moresby in 2019 for all eligible students to apply.

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Kina Bank Announcements: Project Wok