Kina Bank celebrates International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Kina Bank staff at all their locations nationwide shared morning tea and conversation on this year’s IWD theme ‘Each for Equal’ with team leaders and senior managers with special messages from members of the board. Board Director Karen Smith-Pomeroy in her message to staff for International Women’s Day encouraged women to: “Celebrate and support each other.”

“At Kina Bank, our commitment to creating an equal and enabled world is evident with our workforce. The majority of our workforce are female, represented at all levels across the business and we are very proud of that fact.” said Chief Executive Officer, Greg Pawson.

Kina Bank is an advocate for gender smart policies in the workplace that provides both maternity and paternity leave for its employees. Also continuing to be an inaugural member of the Business Coalition for Women which has provided specialist training to female team leaders to assist with their career development.

Director Jane Thomason shared her career experiences and offered advice to women building their careers and working to maintain work-life balance: “Understand that we can do different things, in different ways in different stages of our lives. That life is a series of compromises, the compromise you’ll make to have a family is probably the most valuable compromise that you will make – but you’ll still get the opportunity to move ahead.”

As the day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality, staff member Noelyne Togs made a call to action to women in PNG, “You can create your own positive or best environment with your own hands.”

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