Apply online don’t wait in line

Customers can now instantly apply for a bank account with Kina Bank’s new fast, secure
online activation process. The revolutionary new service means customers can open an
account in minutes from the comfort of their own computer via Kina Bank’s website:

After filling in the usual details online, individual customers can upload copies of their
identification documents for Kina Bank staff to verify. With a simple click of the button, the
application process is complete.

Customers only need to visit one of Kina Bank’s newly refurbished state-of-the-art concept
branches to confirm their identity and collect their new Kina Bank card. Customers will then
have immediate access to Kina Bank’s range of exceptional products and services.

Tailor made for Kina Bank, the new digital account opening service offers customers speed,
ease and convenience. The best-in-class service comes with the highest levels of cyber
security to protect customers’ data and privacy.

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Kina Bank Announcements: Online Onboarding