Linah Goi, a staff with the Bank of Papua New Guinea is the lucky winner of Kina Bank’s ‘OwnHome Loan’ promotion which ran from 01 March to 31 May this year.

Kina Bank today announced the winner during the handover ceremony of the K5,000 shopping voucher to Mrs Linah Goi in Port Moresby.

Mrs Goi thanked the Bank, said: “It was such a nice surprise and I am absolutely thrilled with this win. Owning a decent home is a big dream for every family in Papua New Guinea. Sometimes it stretches our budget and we look at options to save for just one thing that we want to have in our home – either indoor or outdoor. This K5,000 shopping voucher will assist me in a big way.”

“There’s one thing I did not factor in my budget which is landscaping and outdoor brown goods, such as a barbeque stand,” said Mrs Goi. “I can now beautify my new home and purchase my outdoor brown goods; it has certainly put a smile on my face. I am totally grateful to the Bank for this initiative.”

Kina Bank Executive General Manager, Danny Robinson said: “It is our vision to walk with our customers in every stage of their life by helping them and their communities prosper, underpinned by progressive accessible financial service.”

“The Bank is currently running its second phase of the ‘OwnHome Loan’ promotion and all approved Home Loans lodged from 01 July to 31 August 2017 will go into a draw in September to win a K5,000 shopping voucher.”

“We partner with our customers through such promotions to unlock opportunity and provide them with the financial independence to build the life they choose for themselves and their families.”

Kina is a diversified financial services provider in PNG, offering customers end-to-end financial solutions, from savings accounts to small business loans, novated leases, investments to mortgages, stockbroking and financial advice, investment management and fund administration.

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