School leavers came one step closer to achieving the career of their dreams today when they graduated from Kina Bank’s education program, Project Wok.

In a prestigious ceremony held the Crown Hotel in Port Moresby, twelve students were presented with their graduation certificates by Kina Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson in front of proud families and the media.

Kina Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson said Project Wok is part of Kina Banks’ strategy to build and strengthen the workforce for PNG.

For the last two months the students have been engaged in a series of workshops learning skills such as how to write a compelling resume and job interview techniques. The workshops also included intensive one-to-one coaching from Kina Bank’s high-flying staff.

“We’re delighted to see our students do so well. It’s been a challenging training course for them and it’s encouraging to see them grow and develop. Project Wok is part of Kina Bank’s strategy to help build the workforce of the future. Youth unemployment is a major social issue facing Papua New Guinea and at Kina Bank we want to address this. We believe it’s our social responsibility to give back to the communities we serve and help PNG grow.”

Project Wok is delivered in partnership with Project Yumi, a not-for-profit PNG charity run by a team of dedicated volunteers. The charity’s mission is to enrich the lives of Papua New Guineans by providing valuable education and health resources to communities throughout the country.
Project Yumi’s President, Dawn Robinson, facilitated the workshops and jointly presented students with their certificates.

“We want to ensure students have the right skills and experience to build successful and meaningful careers.
The training we offer will set them up for life. The one-to-one coaching is an essential element because it gives students access to the best minds in the business.
The coaches have been able to tutor and support the students individually, offering personal as well as career advice.

With Kina Bank, Project Yumi has been able to provide all the resources a student needs to learn and develop and we offer it all free of charge. This is our inaugural program and I can’t wait to launch it across schools in Port Moresby in 2019 for everyone to benefit.”

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