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Online banking continues to grow throughout PNG, where customers can bank safety and securely.

Accessing consulting services safely online in PNG during COVID-19

Vai Virtual is another small business that is on Kina Bank’s internet payment gateway, giving customers access to business and property solutions for start-ups, SMEs and first-time home buyers.

Vai Virtual is a local online consultancy service offering advice to clients on how to start up a business, apply for regulatory permits, or buy a home or investment property.

“We believe that Papua New Guineans no matter what they earn or where they live should have access to professional consultancy services anywhere, anytime to help them realize their life goals,” said Mea Vai, Principal consultant of Vai Virtual. “We set-up our business to make professional business and property services accessible and affordable. And now, customers with computers or mobile devices with internet access can easily browse and pay for services on our payment platform without leaving their homes.”

The internet payment gateway is Kina Bank’s e-commerce platform that provides a cashless, convenient and more secure way of paying for goods and services. It’s a modern end-to-end payments solution that is safe, fast and secure – enabling an overall better customer experience.
“The opportunity to partner with Kina Bank this year through their internet payment gateway is a great opportunity for us. With 20 years’ experience in fields we consult in, the partnership with Kina has taken our service to a whole new level – a level where we are more transparent in our service and cost offerings. More importantly, the convenience in the way we offer our service and the certainty of price for each service adds efficiency into our business and that of our customers,” Mr Mea added.

Online banking has become more popular than ever during the Covid-19 restrictions and Niupla Pasin measures in place. Customers can bank safely and securely from their own homes, continuing to do business, whilst protecting their own and their family’s health and safety through social distancing.

Kina Bank’s Chief Transformation Officer Ivan Vidovich commented on the payment platform saying, “Kina Bank is committed to building PNG’s digital bank of the future and having e-commerce offerings such as the internet payment platform for our customers is a step in building that digital future.”