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CEO, Greg Pawson, outlines how Kina Bank wants to take banking back to basics with better customers service and removing unnecessary fees.

Customers can now save more with Kina Bank’s new everyday account!

Kina Bank have recently launched their new fee free transaction account called Kina Everyday. With this new everyday banking transaction account, customers can now save
heaps more with no eftpos and monthly account maintenance fees.

Kina bank is committed to their customers, and with less or no fees charged they believe customers can save heaps and control their own finances easily. They are committed to making banking more affordable for Papua New Guineans.

“We want to take banking back to basics with better customer service and no unnecessary fee gouging. We think this is morally and ethically the right strategy,” said Greg Pawson, CEO.

“We want to continue this trend in 2021. With the additional scale, customers and footprint of the proposed acquisition of Westpac’s Pacific businesses, we will be able to introduce further fee free options, making banking affordable for everyone.

With the everyday transaction account, there are no eftpos fees and no monthly fees charged and the minimum balance to open an account is just K10. Customers are also eligible for a visa debit card with this account and also have the choice to access their everyday banking account digitally via kina Konnect and internet banking as well.