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More than 800 students at Tamba Junior High School in West New Britain will now be able to access information online after the school received 20 laptop computers from Litehaus Haus International.

The donation was made possible through the support of Kina Bank, which saw the handover of the laptops on Tuesday 18th June at the school.

The ceremony was witnessed by the WNB Provincial Administrator Leo Mapmani, Acting Education Advisor Vincent Kalatia, Mosa LLG President Jimmy Ninda, community members, staff and students of the school.

Mr Ninda who had initially requested Litehaus International to support the school with the laptops, said he had always wanted the school to have these resources so students’ learning can be improved.

“Because we live in a world where nowadays information can be easily accessed through computers, I had to ask Litehaus a number of times to consider my school. I’m now a very happy man because both the students and teachers can now use these computers to assist them in their studies and teaching,” Mr Ninda said.

Provincial Administrator Mr Mapmani appealed to the school to look after the equipment.

“You are privileged to have computers and also a computer laboratory so please look after them because this is one very important requirement for a high school that wants to upgrade to a Secondary School,” he said.

Litehaus International Country Lead Peter Raim said the computers are installed with Microsoft programs and an e-library which can be accessed without an internet connection.

“Litehaus is grateful to organisations such as Kina Bank. Without them and other partners, most of the schools in the country will not have computers,” Mr Raim said.

Kina Bank Kimbe Branch Manager Sylvia Lunga said Kina Bank is committed to assisting the communities it operates in improve their livelihood through such assistances.

“Kina Bank is not just here to provide banking and financial services but we are also committed to supporting communities improve the standard of their living through areas such as education,” she said.

In 2023, Kina Bank supported Litehaus International by donating PGK 80,000, which has been used to support eight schools in the country with new computers. In 2024, Kina Bank has committed to further supporting Litehaus with an additional PGK 100,000.

Since 2017, LiteHaus International has supported 277 primary schools across 15 provinces in PNG with digital learning tools and opportunities.