Our Brand

At Kina Bank we know that our customers’ needs come first and providing the best service is our main goal. We create partnerships and journey alongside our customers. Our versatile and digital approach means we’re not afraid to challenge and reinvent the idea of banking.

Our brand represents our proudly home-grown heritage as a nation of over 800 different languages: from tattoos from coastal villages, grass skirts, to dynamic headdresses with colourful feathers and distinct face and body paints.

One thing that unites us is the iconic bilum. Our logo draws inspiration from the bilum’s weave and the bold patterns of tapa bark cloth. The intertwined strands reflect the two-way partnership between Kina Bank and our customers, converging in our common purpose of prosperity and happiness.

Our brand position “together it’s possible” understands that we are stronger together. Building Papua New Guinea and helping each customer achieve their goals is a journey we are proud to be part of.

Together it’s possible.