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Data Flow

The Kina Xero Bank feed allows your financial data to easily connect your Kina Bank account and your Xero software, ensuring you’re kept up to date on everything.


The most important asset to any business is cash. With the Kina Xero Bank Feed you’re able to keep on top of all money going in and out of your business accounts, with transactions automatically imported into your Xero feed.


The Kina Xero Bank Feed helps save you time by reducing monthly account reconciliation and eliminates errors from manually downloading your transactions. Enjoy seeing your information in real time.

Daily Cash Flow

Keeping on top of your daily cash flow has never been easier with the Kina Xero Bank Feed, receive daily cash flow updates.

What About Other Fees?

Good question. There are some fees associated with the Kina Xero Bank Feed. For all the details, please refer to Xero or our partners, Business Link Pacific.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Xero?

Xero is a secured online accounting software that is used for personal and corporate customers to manage their bank account transactions with ease and precision. For more details you can refer to the Xero information guide.

What are Bank Feeds?

A bank feed is a digital link between your bank account and accounting software, automatically importing bank transactions into your accounting software on a daily basis. With Xero Bank Feeds, you will be able to import your Kina Bank account transactions directly into your Xero Accounting Software setup.

How do I setup Xero Bank Feeds for my Kina Bank accounts?

You must be an existing Kina Bank Internet Banking user, whilst also using the Xero Accounting Software. To access all the features and link your Kina Bank account to Xero you must also have your current Xero login details.

How do I enable Xero Bank Feed for my personal account?

How do I enable Xero Bank Feed for my personal account?
1. Log in to Digital Retail Banking site
2. Go to Settings
3. Click on Smart Connect and follow the attached guide.

How do I enable Xero Bank Feed for my business account?

1. Your Corporate Administrator will need to log in to Digital Corporate Banking site
2. Once logged in, select the Smart Connect option under the Administration tile.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts that can be configured for Xero Bank Feed?

No. The accounts will be limited to the ones that appear on your Internet Banking.

How far back can I go back in Xero Bank feeds for Kina Bank account(s)?

Six months from the current date.

I manage multiple organisations in Xero, may I use the same Xero credentials on Digital Retail & Corporate Banking to connect bank feeds for different organisations?

Not at this stage. It is a one-to-one connection, meaning one Xero login to one Digital Retail
and Corporate Banking account(s) access.

Is there a fee charged by Kina Bank when using Xero Bank Feed?

No fees are charged to use this feature. It is a value-add service offered by Kina Bank to its digital customers.

I am not a Xero customer how do I register to Xero?

1. Go to the Xero website and click the sign-up page follow the prompts and this will enable you to create an account.
2. You can also register through Business Link Pacific (BLP) for this, please contact the Kina Bank Call Centre or your KINA Bank Home Branch.

Who is Business Link Pacific (BLP)?

Business Link Pacific connects small and medium sized businesses in the Pacific to local advisory services and is a private sector development program funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade located in New Zealand.

Can we use another Accounting Software?

No, at this stage Xero is the only Accounting Software partnering with KINA Bank.

Who Do I need to contact should I have issues with Xero Bank Feed?

Please contact our Digital Hub Team on +675 308 3609 or email us.

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