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Kina Bank and SNS Tech have partnered to deliver market leading resultsfor SMEs in Papua New Guinea looking to turn digital.

SNS Tech is a Papua New Guinean owned tech firm who develop best in classdigitalsolutionsfor their clientsso they can thrive in the digital economy.

As a business, Kina Bank have long been committed to directing the digital future of PNG and identified e-commerce as a crucial aspect to the long-term success of the country.

With a jointvision inbettering digital experiences in PNG, Kina Bank and SNS Tech have joined forces to set local catering company Tapioca Delight up for digital success. Using Kina Bank’s Internet Payment Gateway (IPG), Tapioca Delight can continue to build out their thriving online business.

The partnership saw SNS Tech assist in integrating Kina’s IPG on behalf of Tapioca Delight. This meant that Tapioca Delight’s owner, Ginia Sialis, could concentrate on looking after her business whilst SNS Tech took care of the set-up phase.

Kina Bank’s Chief Transformation Officer, Ivan Vidovich said, “As the leading digital bank in PNG, we’re always looking for the right partners to work with to ensure we’re supporting local SMEs and helping them become digitally focussed. We’ve seen great results already partnering with SNS Tech, Tapioca Delight is just one example of many.”

Kina Bank’s IPG platform is the first in PNG to acceptlocal bank cards from, BSP, MiBank and ANZ,meaning customers have the freedom to browse and order what they want all whilst using a standard local bank issued card of their choice.

“We feel a sense of accomplishment here at Kina Bank, having taken our Internet Payment Gateway out to commercial customers and having it adopted by PNG born companies like Tapioca Delight.We take tremendous pride in supporting online businesses and we’re confident that providing a securedigital payments platformwill help drive PNG’s digital innovation”, said Ivan Vidovich.

Tapioca Delight hasseen a flurry of new orders come through their website, the first one coming from a customer in New Zealand ordering a cake for her best friend in Port Moresby. Ginia Sialis said, “I couldn’t be happier with the set up and integration to Kina Bank’s IPG. Both SNS Tech and Kina have been great partners and have really helpedus in the growth phase of our business. Being an SME in PNG it is important that I can rely partners like SNS Tech and Kina Bank.”

Kina Bank’s Internet Payment Gateway is a tool available to all SMEs looking to turn digital.