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A primary school in Western Highlands Province was a proud recipient of 18 computer sets on Friday June 07th, thanks to Kina Bank and Litehaus International.

Koldopina Primary School, which has over 700 students and 32 teachers, received the computers in a small ceremony that was witnessed by officials from the Provincial Education Division, Kina Bank, the local community, and staff and students of the school.

School Chairman Jim Yuani thanked Litehaus International and Kina Bank for the donation, saying the computers will go a long way in assisting the students and the teachers access teaching and learning materials.

“Since the school was built in 1965, it has never had such resources as computers. Even having access to a library was very difficult for the students, especially the Grades 7 and 8, who require such resources to help them with their assignments. However, with these computers, I’m sure that this will greatly assist the students including the teachers obtain curriculum materials online to aide in their teaching,” Mr Yuani said.

Litehaus International Country Lead Peter Raim while appealing to the school to look after the computers, said the computers have Microsoft programs installed and also has an e-library which can be accessed without an internet connection.

“A lot of schools in the country are in dire need of computers and for a school like Koldopina Primary to have such resources is a blessing. So I would like to appeal to you to look after the computers.

Kina Bank Mt Hagen Branch Manager Billy Ara said Kina Bank is committed to helping communities that it operates in to improve their standard of living through education.

“We started supporting the Litehaus International in 2023 with an initial funding of K80, 000 which has enabled the foundation to identify several schools in the country to have computers installed. So far, through the Kina Bank support, Litehaus was able to provide computers to eight schools in the

Central Province, Morobe, Eastern Highlands, West New Britain, and Western Highlands,” Mr Ara said.

Since 2017, LiteHaus International has supported 277 primary schools across 15 provinces in PNG with digital learning tools and opportunities.

Staff and students of Koldopina Primary School in Western Highlands celebrating the donation of the computers.

Kina Bank Mt Hagen Branch Manager Billy Ara (front) assisting Koldopina Primary School Grade 8 student Lucas Steven, and school teacher Luke Nepo try out one of the new computers.