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Ginia Sialis moved to Kina Bank for an innovative financial solution to grow her business and help establish her future plans for growth.

As an independently owned and operated business with a vision of creating a memorable experience for everyone, Ginia knew if her business was going to continue to grow and develop, she needed to have her business banking in check.

With an eye always on business advancement, Ginia quickly established herself as one of PNG’s leading online operators. She first saw success using online banking products to reach her customers as an ambassador for another bank in PNG.

However, as an innovator, Ginia was looking for the next step toward success. She knew she needed a financial partner who could cater to her specific needs and help her find new ways to reach her customers goals. Unable to find what she was looking for with her current bank, she switched to Kina.

Ginia spoke to one of our SME Advisors who found a loan product tailored to her needs that would set her up for success. When arranging everything for Ginia, it had to be done in a way that wouldn’t impact her thriving online business or other business commitments.

We’re proud to be the bank that helped propel Tapioca Delight toward further success through a tailored financial solution.

Through our help and guidance, Ginia has now found the right banking product to meet her needs and growth plans. In doing so she has also moved across to Kina Bank’s Internet Payment Gateway (IPG), a platform which will continue to grow her online presence.

The Kina digital team were able to arrange seamless transition in getting Tapioca Delight onto Kina’s IPG. Ginia said, “This is the fastest integration we’ve ever experienced!”

Ginia is a wonderful example of an innovative local business owner who has thrived with our support.

At Kina, progress is our priority, and we’ll do whatever we can to find a financial solution to help grow your business.

Together it’s possible.