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Kina Bank’s graduate program is designed to test and grow the skills of young Papua New Guinean talent and ensure they’re provided with real life experience to go with their formal qualifications. Experiences that will set them up for a long and rewarding career in finance.

In February 2020, Kina Bank was getting ready to induct the next round of interns to their graduate program. At the time Karo Tuva was part of that intake, a recent graduate from the University of Papua New Guinea where he majored in economics.  After four years of study Karo was ready to further his experience within Kina Bank’s Treasury Department, led by Mr Nathan Wingti, Group Manager Treasury and Financial Markets.

Karo said: “One of the things that stood out for me when joining Kina Bank was how the graduate program was structured, the program provides all interns the opportunity to meet Kina Bank’s most senior leaders and learn from their knowledge and years’ of experience, it’s amazing!

“I always tell my friends that I am blessed to have come through the Kina Bank graduate program, the program is challenging in so many ways but equally as rewarding.”

Nathan Wingti, the program sponsor added: “Our graduate program has been designed to provide high potential young talent a platform for success in the banking sector.  Our single-minded focus is to ensure our graduates gain a broader understanding of the banking industry and are adequately prepared to be successful in the workplace after program completion. Our long-term intention is to foster the next generation of finance and business leaders in PNG.”

Karo now works at Kina Bank as an Economic Analyst within the newly formed Economics team under the leadership of Kina Bank’s Senior Economist, Mr Moses David. In this role he undertakes research and analysis on all key aspects of the PNG economy as well as International economic themes for the purpose of contributing to Kina Bank’s regular economic and market publications.

Asked for his parting words of advice for the next round of graduates, Karo said: “My advice to those looking for a career in banking and within Kina Bank is to make sure you always challenge yourself, to improve you must put yourself in situations outside of your comfort zone to help unlock your full potential.”

“My advice to all students,” Nathan Wingti said, “is study hard and get your marks up. We generally look at students with GPAs of 3 or above. Aside from that, any extra-curricular involvement that puts you in challenging situations is an advantage. At Kina Bank we’re looking for students who not only have completed their tertiary education but have sought opportunities to challenge and improve themselves professionally and equally importantly, personally.”

To apply for Kina Bank’s graduate program, send your CV to recruitment@kinabank.com.pg