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Kina continues to maintain its status as the go to business house in developing young Papua New Guinean (PNG) talent via the Kina Bank Graduate Program.   The program is designed to not only provide on the job training, but also to offer graduates a full-time career at completion.

Moses Soro graduated from UPNG in 2017 where he studied a Bachelor of Banking and Finance, at completion Moses entered straight into the Kina Bank Graduate Program, which is supported by Mr Nathan Wingti, Group Manager Treasury and Financial Markets.

As part of the program Moses was fortunate to work across a number of key divisions which ensured he gained the experience necessary to work for a leading PNG bank.

Moses said “One of the things that stood out the most to me was the level that the program operates at, it is of such high standard and continues to empower young graduates here in PNG but also provide the experience we need to be the next leaders in our country.”

“I call Moses the “Ori Graduate” because he was our test case when we were experimenting with setting up a Graduate Development pathway in the early days of the new Kina Bank.  Since then, many more graduates have come through the program and are contributing strongly to Kina’s success across all divisions”, said Nathan Wingti.

Upon completion of the program Moses moved into a full-time position with Kina Bank, where he now works as a Financial Analyst, which keeps him very busy across a number of areas within the bank.

Moses was asked to share his advice to the next batch of interns to which he provided his thoughts on, “My advice to those looking for a career at Kina Bank or any other financial institution here in PNG is, have a growth mindset and make sure you work hard but most importantly work smart, in order to achieve your career goals!”

Kina Bank continues to actively recruit young graduates, with multiple intakes throughout the year.  Mr Nathan Wingti has encouraged young Papua New Guineans to apply and to set goals for their working future.

In offering further guidance Mr Nathan Wingti said, “My message to all students out there is, study hard and also have an active involvement in the community that provides you real world experiences, consider joining student societies and taking part time or holiday work. At Kina Bank we’re looking for students who not only have completed their education, but also have the drive and growth mindset to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential”

To apply for Kina Bank’s graduate program, send your CV to recruitment@kinabank.com.pg