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Kina Bank customers can now collect their Visa Debit Cards as soon as they apply for them thanks to further advancements in Kina’s banking processes – making products and services more accessible to everyday Papua New Guineans

The business is today announcing the roll out of same day issuing of Visa Debit Cards, which is another market first and in line with the objectives of bringing banking back to basics in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

In a move that will see customers enjoy faster turnaround times with their applications for Visa Debits Cards, customers will now be able to visit their local Kina Branch, stand in an express line, and once their application is approved, they will receive their new Visa Debit Card.

“Kina Bank are constantly looking for ways to better the banking experience of our customers, the roll out of same day issuing of our cards is just another way we’re working to provide customers with the products they need on the spot,” Kina Bank Executive General Manager Banking Lesieli Taviri said.

Visa Debit Cards allow customers the opportunity to “Tap to Pay” with EFTPOS in PNG and around the world via the Visa channel.  Customers also have the ability to purchase items online, it really is the smart way to pay and provides customers with easy access to money both in PNG and overseas.

“Kina bank is committed to our customers and understand that customers need more control when it comes to applying for and receiving their bank cards.  Customers need to have more freedom in the way they bank, and we are striving to remove unwanted waiting time and ensuring we’re improving in branch experience,” said Lesieli Taviri

Kina Bank will now provide same day issuance of Visa Debit Cards, which will be available across all 16 branches in the Kina Bank network.