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Kina Bank celebrated the success of one of its top interns last week when Keren Mahabi graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelors in Business Management.

A recruit on Kina Bank’s Graduate Program, Keren majored in Banking and Finance and has been developing her skills across the business.

Kina Bank’s GM for Treasury and Financial Markets, Nathan Wingti, leads the Graduate Program and was delighted with Keren’s achievements: “It’s a proud and rewarding moment. Nurturing young talent and the leaders of tomorrow is our national duty and Kina Bank is proud to be playing our part through our program. We’re committed to building the workforce of the future, helping young people with on the job learning and support.”

The program offers university graduates a learning pathway to help them start a successful career in banking.

“Our graduates come from all fields, not just business,” said Mr Wingti. “And our alumni can be found working right across the business – in branch banking, compliance, treasury, operations, finance, wealth, credit and lending – and they actively contribute to achieving our ambitious growth plans.”

For Keren it has been a time of growth and it encouraged her to be the best version of herself: “The training linked theory to practice and enhanced my understanding of the connections between the different divisions of the bank. The experience reinforced the importance of time-management, clearly defined goals, discipline and perseverance.”

She added that the transition from an academic to real-life work setting was “smooth and manageable thanks to the supportive culture of the team and organisation as a whole”.

Keren was also a participant of the Kokoda Track Foundation’s (KTF) prestigious Archer Scholarship Award in 2020, which Kina Bank supports.

“As a corporate partner of KTF,” said Mr Wingti, “Keren’s pathway into the workforce is a great example of the benefit of these collaborations in developing out home grown talent.”.

Kina Bank is actively recruiting Graduates all year round and Mr Wingti provided further guidance to those wishing to apply.

My message to university students out there – study hard and get your GPAs up and also be involved in activities that will provide you real world challenging experiences such as student societies, part time or holiday work, and get involved with charity or faith based organisations. We are looking for students who not only have the smarts, but also have the drive and ambition to take on challenges outside of school.”

To apply for Kina Bank’s graduate program, send your CV to recruitment@kinabank.com.pg