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FORTY-one employees of the Pacific Star Ltd have open accounts with the Kina Bank in Port Moresby.

Kina Bank staff members Cunera Kumuna and Talitha Priniduo visited The National office in Port Moresby to assist employees open savings accounts with Kina Bank.

“For the savings account, we issue you a card,” they said.

“We have a local card, Visa Card.

“You get Kina Konnect, you get your internet banking all at once as long as you meet all our requirement.”

Kumuna said other accounts included the Kina Everyday, Tomorrow’s Savings, Cash Management and fixed term deposits.

“Kina Everyday is an account to assist people mostly who are not working, because we excluded the fees of K10 monthly,” she said.

“Tomorrow’s Savings account is for regular deposit where at the end of the month, an interest of 1 per cent is paid. If you do not touch that account, the end of the year you get a bonus of 3 per cent paid on top of your savings.

“For the Cash Management account, it is for the bank to look after your money, and it is an on call account where anytime you can withdraw funds you also get an interest paid to that account.

“For the fixed term deposit, it is long-term, you just put in your money and you let the interest roll.”

Reference: https://www.thenational.com.pg/kina-bank-assists-staff-to-open-accounts/