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Kina Bank has opened its new customer service office within MiBank’s branch in Alotau, Milne Bay Province, last week.

Kina Bank’s continued financial inclusion partnership with MiBank and the establishment of this co-branded branch concept is a reflection of the innovative ways in which both banks are looking to serve the market.

Kina Bank, in a statement last week said without such commitment to expanding services, the people will continue to be disadvantaged through a lack of branch banking services and limited choices to manage their finances.

“Kina Bank coming here in Alotau is because of our commitment as a company to be part of the Alotau community,” executive general manager banking Lesieli Taviri said.

“We believe in the potential of Alotau and more importantly working alongside our partners which is MiBank to offer to all the different groups or segment in the market as an alternative financial service provider.

“Whether it be the palm oil block owners who want to create their accounts for the first time with MiBank, small micro business that comes to MiBank to get loan for their business or whether it be the big commercial retailers who want to come to Kina Bank to ask for cash flow or financing support for their employees in the private and government sectors, I’d like to say we are here.

“Our partnership with MiBank will offer that full financial services to more people.

“It’s quite a unique opportunity and unique model and we have been working in the last 12 months to try and solidify that model.

“Our expansion into the provincial towns will actually be through this model.”

MiBank chief operations officer, Trudi Egi said: “The strategy you see between us and Kina Bank is we cater for the retail end of the banking, where grassroots and those from the informal sector come to us, anything above that is offloaded to Kina.

“Business owners can walk in here to do all your corporate accounts; your staff can come to us for retail services.

“That’s the relationship we have with Kina and hope to grow in this relationship with both our partners and the rest of the business community here in Alotau and for the better of our people.”

MiBank managing director Tony Westaway said also said they are excited about the continued growth of our partnership with Kina Bank.

“We recently announced that MiBank customers can now use Kina Bank ATMs and EFTPOS machines fee free and now we are taking the first step in our joint branch expansion strategy.

It’s a unique example of two banks teaming up and playing to our strengths to serve everyone from subsistence farmers to large multinational customers.”

Reference: https://postcourier.com.pg/kina-bank-and-mibank-intial-partnership/