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The innovative new online marketplace adopts Kina Banks Internet Payment Gateway (IPG)

Papua New Guinea’s Digital Revolution Continues

New online marketplace Jungle introduces Kina Bank’s cutting-edge Internet Payment Gateway (IPG).

Customers can have peace of mind when doing their online shopping with Jungle knowing they’re entering their details into a secure and reliable payment gateway. Kina Bank’s IPG will ensure a safe transaction process between the customer and the store, every time. Adopting technology of this calibre has enabled Papua New Guinea (PNG) online shopping portal, Jungle, the ability to continue to grow since their launch earlier this year.

As an innovative new business Jungle is motivated by their vision to provide quality products all across PNG and is inspired by the nation’s diverse geography and people. Demetri Allayialis, co-founder of Jungle said, “We want all Papua New Guineans regardless of their location to have access to the same quality products as people in the cities”.

Introducing online shopping to the PNG market has made Jungle a significant part of the nation’s ongoing digital development. E- commerce will enable cross-border trade and active economic participation for Papua New Guinean SMEs for the first time. Allayialis has said that Jungle has “…A strong logistics network across PNG and is passionate about delivering goods and supplies that will help improve people’s livelihoods. Also, we believe E-Commerce (and Jungle) will help PNG companies sell their products to a wider and larger market. Online shopping will give everyone the chance to receive quality products straight from the highlands such as our local honey or a popular meri blouse. This emerging new digital landscape will put PNG on the international e-commerce map and open up a world of new business opportunities.”

Jungle currently boasts over 800 products online and a fast-growing range of categories including clothing, shoes, books, electronics, safety supplies, hardware and much more. Kina Bank’s IPG platform is the first in PNG to accept locally issued cards meaning customers have the freedom to browse and shop cross across the site using a standard local bank issued card of their choice. Visa Card or Mastercard are also accepted. Ivan Vidovich, Kina Bank’s Chief Transformation Officer said “We feel a sense of accomplishment at Kina Bank having taken our Internet Payment Gateway out to commercial customers and having it adopted by the nation’s revolutionary new online marketplace, Jungle. Supporting commercial online business by providing a secure IPG will help drive PNG’s digital innovation and is part of our duty as PNG’s leading digital bank”.