Separately Managed Account

A full service portfolio management option that is specifically tailored to your needs and objectives and long term wealth management goals.

  • Managed at your instruction or, with your authorization, at the discretion of Kina Bank Wealth Management within a pre-determined investment strategy;
  • Your diversified portfolio can (for example) potentially includes treasury bills, domestic high yield shares, and term deposits.
  • All assets are held under our custodial nominee company, Kina Nominees Limited in a name of your choosing as part of our service offer;
  • Periodic investment reports including:
    • A summary report outlining the strategy and compliance with;
    • Portfolio Valuation Report;
    • Transactions Report;
    • Income Report, and:
    • Annual review of Portfolio strategy.
  • Your account will be managed by a dedicated Relationship Manager and experienced investment professionals combined with tailored administration support from the Kina Bank Wealth Management team.
  • Fee based on FUM and performance of your portfolio; available for portfolio sizes of K500,000 or greater.

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