Outsourced Treasury Management

A liquidity management solution for business and corporate clients with excess funds on their balance sheet that are not yielding strong returns. Kina Bank Wealth Management has deep experience in managing significant sums of short term investment funds for large clients.

  • You benefit from our experience, processes and systems offered through the Outsourced Treasury Management (OTM) function, allowing you to focus on managing your business while achieving the best returns achievable on your cash funds.
  • Focused on Treasury Bill and/or deposit investments to maximize your return while offering ongoing liquidity and availability to your funds.
  • We plan a maturity profile of your cash investments in a structured way to balance your liquidity needs while maximizing your returns.
  • We can work on a discretionary basis (against a pre agreed strategy) or a non-discretionary basis taking care of:
    • The establishment of a detailed investment and liquidity plan with you, including related party limits, which we  will review  once per year.
    • All settlements and reporting.
    • Consider maturity buckets, need for cash, overall return targets and other factors to decide the best strategy for managing your cash or short term liquidity.
  • Kina Bank Wealth Management, as a participant in wholesale markets in PNG, is able to secure rates that are much more favorable than investors can typically get themselves.
  • We offer the leverage of our market position to investors to benefit their financial circumstances.
  • As an example: we can secure Government Inscribed Stock &/or Treasury Bills by bidding directly with the Bank of PNG in order to access wholesale rates, as opposed to the retail rate which is typically 2% lower.
  • Fee based on FUM and is available for fund sizes of K500,000 or greater.

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