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It’s easy to get started

When you’re running a business, you can’t afford to waste time. That’s why we’ve made getting set up as seamless as possible. You can apply directly with Xero or work with BLP who will manage the onboarding process. You just need to be an existing Kina bank customer with online banking access to get started.

Safe and secure

With the Kina Xero Bank Feed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your account transactions are being securely imported into Xero daily. It’s safe, secure, and helps you stay on top of your financials.


Focus on what you’d rather be doing – growing your business. Keep on top of all money going in and out of your business accounts with transactions automatically imported into your Xero feed.


Every businessowner wants a clear view of how they are performing. Luckily, the Kina Xero Bank Feed lets you see your transaction data in real time. This saves you time by reducing monthly account reconciliation and eliminating errors from manually downloading your transactions.

Daily cash flow

If you can’t afford to have a member of your team giving you updates on your cash flow, no stress! The Kina Xero Bank feed lets you stay on top of your cash flow with daily updates.

Find out more about the Kina Xero Bank Feed and start managing your business needs fast!

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