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Get your website right

Your website is the first and most important step towards having a strong digital presence. With the right content it can become the pivot point for your social media activity and online advertising. It’s crucial that people can find you online to learn about your business. Add simple and informative content, your contact details, and why customers should choose you.

Most people in PNG use mobile phones so your website needs to look great, run fast, and be easy to use on mobile. Remember people will stop accessing your website if it takes too long to load. 

Learn from digital analytics

Google Analytics can tell you who accesses your website and which content they interact with. This will inform what new information or pages to include.  

Grow a customer database

Knowing insights about your customers is a competitive advantage. Create a customer database by asking for contact details where possible. You can store information and keep track of interactions via a Customer Relationship Management platform. Details can be used for Email and SMS marketing. It’s a great way to remind customers you exist.

Appear in search results

The majority of online activity starts with a search query – like, “how do I buy my first car?” This means people can click on your website to answer their question. Make sure you feature relevant content to appear in search results. Search engines constantly ‘crawl’ and ‘index’ content so it’s important to update your website regularly.

List your business

There are many free sites where you can list your business to increase exposure.

Google My Business can put your business in Google Maps results. Customers can get directions and find out where and when you’re open. Add images to the listing, so people know exactly what your business looks like.

Local business directory sites such as Yellow Pages PNG or PNG Business Directory can also help people find you. Always link to your website to increase search engine rankings. There is sure to be more, search PNG business directories to find one that is relevant to your business.

Get social

People in Papua New Guinea love their social channels. Social and internet usage grew by nearly 25% in the last year. Be sure to pick the platforms relevant to your customers.

LinkedIn is ideal for B2B businesses to reach other professionals.

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are the most popular consumer-facing platforms in PNG. It’s easy to share content between platforms. Use Facebook Messenger for customer service – to answer questions, deal with problems and complaints. Happy customers will refer your business to other people!

Be cyber secure

Make sure your passwords are secure and updated regularly. Be aware of scams and ‘phishing’ tactics where people can steal your information via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Do your own research before sharing any personal details or engaging in conversation.

Have a secure Internet Payment Gateway

If your business sells products online make you have a reliable Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) so customers can enter their details securely. Kina Bank’s IPG uses cutting-edge technology to ensure a safe transaction process between the customer and the store. You can find out more here https://www.kinabank.com.pg/digital-banking/kina-internet-payment-gateway/

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