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Ease and convenience

With a Kina Venture Debit Card, you can make purchases and payments for your business anytime, anywhere. Link your Kina Venture Debit card to your Kina Business Account to manage your payments with ease online, over the phone and in person.

You can tap to pay on EFTPOS machines in PNG and overseas, make online purchases and payments and even withdraw money from any ATM where Visa cards are accepted – that’s over 2.2 million ATMs worldwide!

Peace of mind

The Kina Venture Debit card is very secure and protected by Visa. The card must be activated at a branch, and you’ll create your own PIN so it’s completely secure. Every card also has a range of security features including a chip, a CVV number and PIN validation requirements.

Fee removal

While there are still some charges, we’ve worked to remove as many as we can. Forget application fees, simply go into the branch, complete the paperwork and collect your card! Fees apply for card replacement, ATM fees for banks other than Kina Bank, international POS transaction fees and foreign currency conversion fees.

Sole Traders and Partnerships

The Kina Venture Debit card has been designed to support local business in PNG, making sure you have access to funds and can secure payments and purchases online, in store and over the phone. If you’re a sole trader or in a business partnership, this is the right card for you.

Interested in a Kina Venture Debit Card? Speak with us now.

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