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To access the e-Lands, customers can register their identity and use their mobile phones or computers to connect. Customers can;

  • Link and administer their properties
  • Have billing & receipts of payments sent directly to their emails
  • Manage their payment history
  • Apply for payment assistance online

Once registered, a customer can link a property or properties they own. Benefits include;

  • Obtaining annual land rentals billing on the spot
  • Payments can be made using visa debit/credit cards
  • Make direct transfers via Bank Accounts to pay annual land rentals.
  • Pay from your phone/internet banking or you visit your local branch and make a direct deposit.

Customers will also be able to access their Annual billing via email with no need to visit the DLPP office.

Visit the Department of Lands and Physical Planning website for more information: eLands | DLPP or head to the FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions | DLPP.

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