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Set a budget

A great starting point for managing your monthly repayments is to have a clear overview of your finances via a budget. First, look at how much money is coming into your accounts each month and deduct your monthly repayment from this amount. From here, you can start looking at your other monthly expenses and working out what’s necessary versus what you could possibly cut back on if money is tight.

Cut your debt

There’s good and bad debt – good debts are things like a mortgage because it’s for a purchase that will hopefully increase in value over time. In comparison, bad debts are things that you’ve purchased that won’t increase in value over time, e.g. impulse purchases with a credit card. It’s important to change these habits and reduce the amount of ‘bad debt’ as soon as possible so your finances are freed up to pay for your mortgage.

Increase your repayment amount

A little extra goes a long way to paying off your mortgage! Even an extra K100 per month will add up over time and potentially save you months or years’ worth of repayments.

It’s important to check if your home loan requirements allow you to make extra repayments without a charge so be sure to speak to a Kina Bank team member if you have any questions.

Pay on time

One of the best ways to keep your monthly repayment amounts as manageable as possible is to pay on time to avoid any late payment fees. If you foresee any difficulties in making a payment, speak to a Kina Bank team member for advice and other options to help you avoid penalties in the future.

Find out more about Kina Home Loans and get in touch with us if you are having difficulty with your repayments.

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