Kina Bank launch volunteering program with Kokoda Track Foundation

Kina Bank launched a new volunteer mentor program with Kokoda Track Foundation’s Motu Koita FODE education program. The Program offers students the opportunity to connect with young and seasoned professionals in the banking & finance industry through face-to-face and online mentoring.

Gavin Heard, Kina Bank’s GM Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations said: Through the mentor program, our staff provide one to one coaching to students helping them with their studies, assessments and to prepare for exams. They also share their experiences, stories and general life skills. It means that students have direct personal access to someone who has been through it all before and who can guide them on their path to success and help them reach their goals. It’s incredibly powerful. We know that access to education is a serious issue and together with the Kokoda Track Foundation we can help address this. KTF are incredible partners to work with who do amazing work. We’re looking forward to strengthening this partnership. Our aim is to help create the workforce of the future so that our communities can thrive.

The mentors met their mentees on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September, and have commenced their study program together. Mentor and senior manager of priority banking Emma Apana met with her mentee grade 10 student Boio who is currently upgrading through the Motu Koita FODE Centre and dreams to be one day be a teacher. Emma said that meeting my assigned mentee and fellow students at the KTF Motu Koita FODE centre was a humbling experience. “Each student had a story to share, it is a second chance for the young people in this cohort to complete their respective high school certificates and pursue further studies they otherwise missed out on. My group all wish to be teachers one day and aiming to complete their grade 10 certificates. If I can play my small part in encouraging and empowering the young ladies to achieve their career goals, then I know mentoring as a volunteer with Kina Bank and in partnership with KTF, we are on the right path supporting communities we live in and building the workforce of the future,” she said.

Kina Bank supports its employee’s to volunteer by providing paid volunteering leave of up to 8 hours every year. Volunteering to mentor students is one of the many ways which staff at the bank give back.