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Kina Bank’s New Fee Free Transactional Banking product launches

April 26, 2021

CEO, Greg Pawson, outlines how Kina Bank wants to take banking back to basics with better customers service and removing unnecessary fees. Customers can now... Read More

Local online consultancy firm, Vai Virtual, lauds Kina Banks Internet Payment Gateway

April 23, 2021

Online banking continues to grow throughout PNG, where customers can bank safety and securely. Accessing consulting services safely online in PNG during COVID-19 Vai Virtual... Read More

Kina Securities shareholders overwhelmingly vote in favour of the proposed Westpac acquisition.

April 16, 2021

CEO Greg Pawson highlights how the acquisition will create a stronger and more effective banking sector for both PNG and Fiji. The shareholders of Kina... Read More

Westpac acquisition creates a stronger, more robust set of banking options for the Pacific region

April 8, 2021

New, independent bank means more competition, more innovation and more choice. Kina Bank outlines exciting plans for banking in the Pacific Kina Bank says its... Read More

Continued strong growth highlights Kina Bank 2020 Financial Results.

February 25, 2021

The Board of Kina Securities Limited (ASX: KSL | PNGX: KSL) (KSL, Kina, Kina Group, the Bank, the Business or the Company) is pleased to... Read More

For the first time in PNG, people can order and pay for their pizza online.

February 18, 2021

Kina Bank’s new internet payment gateway opens a world of possibilities for PNG SMEs and the communities they serve. Port Moresby residents have been ordering pizza... Read More

Proposed Westpac acquisition would increase competition

February 12, 2021

Kina Bank’s Executive General Manager Lesieli Tavri has outlined plans for the banks proposed acquisition of Westpac Lesieli Taviri, Executive General Manager for Kina Bank, gave... Read More

Kina Bank Announces New Partnership

February 11, 2021

Kina Bank partners with PNG's first mortgage broker In another first for PNG, Kina Bank has partnered with the country’s first mortgage broker to make... Read More

Kina Bank Board adds senior mining executive to Board of Management

January 5, 2021

As a new non-executive director, Dr Ila Temu offers decades of PNG business, research and education experience. Appointment of New Non-Executive Director Kina Bank was... Read More

KBL – 2021 National Budget Review

November 27, 2020

Budget OverviewWith the theme “Consolidation for Growth” the 2021 National Budget demonstrates a shift in focus towards the non-resource sector, with the aim of forming... Read More