Mission & Values

Our Vision:

To be the most dynamic, progressive and accessible financial services company in Papua New Guinea.

As the only integrated financial services company in PNG, our strategy is based on differentiation,
value for money, and targeted market segments.

Our Purpose:

Our people, customers and communities are empowered to have financial independence and security.

We are in the business of doing good for the communities we serve.

Our Values:

Our values can be remembered is guided by a clear set of values:

  • Fairness. We do what we say, without exception.
  • Integrity. Customers come first. They are integral to our success.
  • Respect. We relish the chance to make a difference.
  • Trust. Trust is paramount to everything we do.
  • Honesty. We believe in fairness and opportunity for all.

Our Priorities:

We have five main priorities at Kina:

Partnerships – Together it’s possible
Digital – Connect anytime, anywhere, anyhow
Responsible – Value the communities we live in to build a better future
Brand – Local and strong
Knowledge – Empowered and capable people

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